Book Each Week

I'm going to read at least a book a week over the next year.

Last week my wife took me (ok dragged me) to a movie (The Adjustment Bureau) and the best part of the movie were the previews.  One of the previews intrigued me so much that I thought, that would be a great book.  I quickly texted my email the title of the movie to see if I could find it as a book, the text read “The Lincoln Lawyer”.  The movie will be out on March 18.

When I got home I did a quick search and found out that The Lincoln Lawyer was a book and what even more surprised me is that I already had the book on my iPad.  I’ve got too many books there that I haven’t read that I can’t remember them.  I knew what my next book was going to be.

The Lincoln Lawyer is about Mickey (Mick) Haller, a defense attorney in Los Angeles.  Mick is known for being one of the better defense attorneys out there as long as you are needing a defense attorney.  On the other side of the asile, not many prosecutors or police have much respect for how Mick is able to get his clients to walk.  I was confused when I saw the trailer on why it was called The Lincoln Lawyer, but found out quickly in the book that it is because he does all of his work from the back seat of his Lincoln Town Car.  His driver is one of his clients paying off his debt, and his secretary is one of his ex-wives.

The big case in this book is that Mick has to defend a young man accused of attacking a prostitute.  His name is Louis Roulet.  Roulet stands by the fact that he is innocent and that he was set up.  Mick feels that he can get Roulet off and that he’ll make some good money by defending Roulet so he takes the case.  There are many twists and turns with this book.  There are times when I just wanted to slap Mick around for making the choices he does and finds himself in trouble quickly.  Then other times I think something is coming and it never does.  Since most books I read I have a good idea of what is going to happen before I read it, I really enjoyed how Connelly kept me guessing on what was going to happen.

Over time Mick finds out that Roulet did commit the crime and has committed murder before.  One of Mick’s other clients who was serving time in prison for murder was convicted for killing a woman that Louis Roulet actually killed!  Mick finds out and finds out his greatest fear and his quote is, “There is no client as scary as an innocent man!”  Well Roulet finds out that Mick knows that he is a killer and is going to try and get is other client out of prison and put Roulet behind bars.  With a lot of twists and turns we get to a fairly exciting ending of the book.  I won’t give it away but it really is a good read.

Overall I really enjoyed The Lincoln Lawyer.  I’m not sure I’ll enjoy the movie as much, but this was a great book.  This was the first time I have read a Michael Connelly book, and I’ll definitely read more.  I enjoyed all of the characters in the book even though you tend to dislike a couple of them.  Some of the characters were fairly sterotypical, and I did think that Connelly did take the easy way out and just used stock characters.  The police investigating one of the crimes and older male detective who hates all lawyers and a younger female detective that actually listens a little to what lawyers say.  These characters were a major part of what was going on but really didn’t matter to much.

Should you read this book?  I would say that this would be a great book for you to check out.  It is an easy read, doesn’t take much thought but does have enough twists and turns to keep you wanting to keep turning the pages.  There were times I just couldn’t put it down.

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